appleJamthe Best of Best 2009
storekeeper bb's Recommendation  (Terushige "bb" Shiraiwa)

Great Rag & Blues with Her Vivid Acoustic Guitar
Mary Flower

Great Dynamic Blues with His Vivid Acoustic Guitar
Catfish Keith

Great Blues'N'Soul with His Vivid Blues Guitar
Tutu Jones

Greatest Blues Guitarman - We Love You Forever!
Jeff Healey/Luther Allison

Great Rockin' Blues Woman
Shaun Murphy

Great Blues which is Heading for the Glorious Future
Sista Monica Parker/Alabama Mike/Tamara & Lucky Peterson/Tommy Brown/Bobby Jones/Memo Gonzalez

Chick Rodgers/Mike Zito/Kazuhiko Ohnogi Blues Band/Smilin' Bobby

Great Chicago Blues Document
Mark Hummel

Great B3 Quartet
Dr.Lonnie Smith

Great Young Zydeco which is Heading for the Glorious Future
J.Paul Jones/Lil Nathan/Curley Taylor/Sean Ardoin/CoreyLedet

Great Perfect Guitar in New Orleans
Shane Theriot/Leo Nocentelli

Great Gospel Songs that Feel Her(There)Love
Sista Monica Parker/the St.Augustin Church Choir

Great Singer Song Writer in West Coast
Karli Fairbanks

Great Songs with His Great Guitar Sounds
Harry Manx/Uncle Jody

Great Rocikn' Cajun which is Heading for the Glorious Future
Johnny Chauvin

Great Zydeco King
Buckwheat Zydeco

Great Zydeco from Japan
Zydeco Kicks

Great Evolving  Zydeco

Great Songs with Great Singer
Paul Sanchez/Marianne Fathfull

Great Fusion Blues Guitar with His Vivid Vocals
Vince Agwada

Great Green Gospel Piano and Songs
Shirley Smith

Great Singer Song Writer in England
Chris Jagger

Great Piano on the Duo in New Orleans
Tom McDermott

Great Poetic Jazz Piano in New Orleans
Matt Lemmler

Great Reissue
Mike Bloomfield/Nick Gravenites/the Allman Brothers Band/Jimmy Rogers & Left Hand Frank

Feativals Acadiens 1981/Billie Holiday/Chet Baker

Great Blues with Great Friends
the Taints

Great Songs with Great Singer in Old Taste
Anny Celsi

Great New Orleans Brass Band
Hustlers Brass Band/Onward Brass band

Great Singer Song Writer in Southern
Rebecca Roubion

Great Blues with wandering heart
Cyril Neville

Great Blues Guitar in Back to His Roots
John Scofield

Great Mechanical Southern Soul Zydeco
Chris Ardoin

Great Big Chief with Great Friends
Bog Chief Monk Boudreaux

Great Change 〜 Yes You Can!
Rick Estrin

Great Hybrid Blue Eyed Rockin'Soul Vocal & Harmonica
Rob Paparozzi

Great Wonder Guitars in India and Pakistan
the Sound of Wonder

Great Neo Jug 〜 Stomp in New Orleans
the Jake Leg Stompers

Great Singer Song Writer in New Orleans
Ruby Rendreag

Great Gospel Trumpet and Trombone in New Orleans
Glen David Andrews

Great Hybrid Jazz Trunpet in New Orleans
Brice Miller / Kermit Ruffins

Great Hybrid Pop Country in New Orleans
Jenny Brooks

Great Funky Zydeco
Chubby Carrier in Year 2006

Great Funky Organ Jazz
Papa John Defrancesco

Great Funk Jazz  in New Orleans

Great Beautiful Treasures in Louisiana
the Figs

Great Underground Blues in New Orleans
Marty Christian

Great New Orleans' Treasure
Danny Barker

Great Washboard in Louisiana
Earl "Washboard" Sally

Great Saxophone in New Orleans
Jimmy Carpenter

Great Singer with Piano Greats in New Orleans
Irma Thomas

Great  the Blues Man
Little Joe Washington

Great Blues Singer Songwriters in Chicago
Suffire - the Uppity Blues Wemen

Great Blues on the Bayou
Louisiana Red

Great Chicago Blues with Living Greats
Chicago Blues a Living History

Great Rockin' Delta Blues
Boo Boo Davis

Great Blues Guitar
Motor City Josh's 2albums/Carlos Johnson

Great Blues Guitar Woman
Joanne Shaw Taylor

Great Rockin' Blues Band
Broken Arrow Blues Band

Great Blues Harmonica
Dale Robertson/Broken Arrow Blues Band

Great Finding
Otis Rush

Eccentric Soul the Bandit Label